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Buy online natural sparkling red and white wine in the UK

With Natural Vine’s selection of sparkling wine, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to open a bottle! We’ve selected some of the most delicious organic, biodynamic and natural sparkling white and sparkling red wine, sourced from the world’s most celebrated wine regions.

Sparkling wines – red, white or rose – are among the most appreciated wines to enjoy during a light meal or to sip and savour in a relaxing pause. Thanks to their bubbles, the fruity nose and the easy-drinking mood that generally they feature, they are the best option for a lively glass to enjoy during parties and celebrations as well.

The best natural sparkling red and white wines for sale online

If you are searching for an Italian sweet white sparkling wine or for a French classic one, here you will find the perfect bottle for you: Natural Vine has selected the finest natural wines coming from organic and biodynamic vineyards and made them available to the UK. Ettore Brambilla, our founder and CEO, used his expertise in Oenology and his passion for wines made naturally to select personally, winery after winery, the best bottles between Italy and France. Our sparkling wines are a real treat: perfect to enjoy as a refreshing glass on a sunny day or to accompany a special dinner, they will never let you down.

Which natural sparkling wine should I buy?

Do you have a special occasion? Are you attending an exclusive party? Or maybe you want to surprise your friend with a unique gift. It’s always a good time to choose a special bottle, and sparkling wines are among the best options, as they are perfect for both wine experts and wine lovers.

Our sparkling wine collection includes a selection of organic prosecco and champagne, perfect for giving as a gift, saving for a special event or simply opening to toast to a pleasant evening. Browse the full sparkling wine selection at Natural Vine today and find the perfect bottle with the help of our options: they are at the side of every page to guide through the process of finding exactly the bottle you were searching for.

Also, don’t stop your love for bubbles here: check out our official blog to read more about the world of organic and biodynamic sparkling wines in the UK, and much more!