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January: month of beginnings and new projects, of good intentions and – why not? – tasty natural wines! It’s a good occasion to continue the traditional column that presents you some of our most loved wines (e.g. our delicious sparkling natural bottles) while collecting all the wines of the week published during the month. Because, as we always say, what makes each of our wines special are the story and the people behind its creation, and today you will get to know better two of them.

Guido Gualandi Vinum Porpora 2012 Tuscany, Italy

As the name suggests, the Vinum Porpora is an incredible red natural wine, and it comes from the Gualandi farm in the province of Florence, Tuscany. This wine is produced from San Giovese grapes organically grown in the four hectares vineyard, where at the moment the 90% of the energy is renewable and all the fertilisers are organic. A bottle of this wine is the best company for a juicy steak.

Vercesi del Castellazzo Vespolino 2014 Lombardy, Italy

For our fourth natural wine of the month we go back North, to Lombardy: this Vespolino is organically produced in the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, where the beautiful Azienda Agricola Vercesi del Castellazzo is located: here, this wine is produced from the Ughetta di Canneto grape variety, harvested by hand and then crushed separately and fermented at low temperature. No sulphites are used during the process. Try it with cured pork meats.

These are the two natural wines that we selected for you this month: as you can see now, at the back of every bottle there is a story of natural production and traditional methods recovered, we hope you enjoyed knowing more about them!

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