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Like every month, we are here to unveil the background of some of our best natural wine bottles for the “Natural Wines of the Month” section: in fact, we believe that the goodness of the natural wines we sell is not simply in their unique taste, but also in how they are produced. So let’s see together the three extraordinary wines we selected for the month of February.

Marco De Bartoli Lucido 2014 Sicily, Italy

Our first wine of the month takes us to the sunny Sicily, where Marco de Bartoli Farm near Marsala organically produces it: Lucido is a natural white wine with interesting notes of honey, peach and rocks, medium acidity and a slightly spicy finish. Obtained from the characteristic Catarratto Lucido grapes, this wine, after all the production iter, rests seven months in stainless steel vats before bottling.

Guido Gualandi Galante 2010 Tuscany, Italy

Guido Gualandi’s Galante is a natural wine made from an incredible blend of historical Tuscan grape varietiesSangiovese, Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda. The balance between these grapes, plus their hand harvesting, the natural fermentation on the skins in wooden vats and the ageing in barriques for about ten months gives us a unique wine, perfect match for hearty dishes.

Cà del Vént Clavis 2008 Lombardy, Italy

Finally, we go back North with a natural wine from Lombardy: Clavis is again a blend of grapes in a perfect balance (50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah), obtained with spontaneous fermentation and no sulphites added. These bottles are produced biodynamically in the little Cà del Vént family winery, where the natural processes come before everything and no machine nor synthetic chemical products are allowed in the vineyards. The result is this incredible wine, perfect to match red meat, game and roasts.

These are the three natural wines that we chose for you this month: every one of them is the result of a passion for winery and love for the territory of different Italian independent farms. If you can’t choose a favourite, why not try them all? 😉

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