Natural wines,
a natural choice

Our mission at Natural Vine is to make available to the UK some of the best fine wines traditionally and naturally made: our selected bottles are unique and you can’t find them in the supermarkets. Our selection of natural wines is a true oenologic jewel: every bottle hides a story of love for nature and the environment, as well as many other reasons for drinking it.

Why you should drink natural wines

Natural wines are not only ethical but also healthy, original, always impressive. Here are some of the many reasons according to which you should always drink wine naturally made.

Natural wine is environmentally-friendly and it respects nature

Each one of our bottles comes from organic or biodynamic vineyards where the grapes are grown respecting nature and its course. If you drink natural wine, you will be sure of enjoying a good that was produced without destroying or aggressively exploiting the environment.

Natural wine is healthier than industrial wine

We made it clear in our About us section: a wine to be defined “natural” has to come from environmentally-friendly vineyards and estates, but also it has to be free from additives, chemicals and heavy manipulations in the making. This means that you will drink only what’s meant to be in your glass: clean, clear and healthy wine.

Our selection features high-quality wines for a good value

When Ettore created Natural Vine, he had two aims: to make available to the UK market some outstanding, tasty and healthy wine and to do so with an eye to the good value. All of our bottles have the best prices; also periodically we launch new deals in our offers section, don’t forget to check it.

You already know it is good!

Ettore can boast a wide and long experience in the world of Oenology: his family produces wine from three generations and he studied at the ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vino) in Italy and then at the WSET School in London. He put his expertise at the service of Natural Vine and personally selected each wine that you will find in our catalogue, producer after producer; this means that you don’t have to check for the quality, as we can assure it is always at its best. The only thing you will need to worry about is the type of wine you want to sip next!

We share information about natural wine

We are passionate about wine and we love to know always more about it: we think it is important to share information about where our wines come from, how to match them with your best food and about the world of natural, organic and biodynamic winemaking. You are welcome to read our weekly updates on our official blog about natural wine; also feel free to contact us if you want to discover more about the outstanding world of fine wine naturally made. We gave you some reasons to drink natural wine, now we advice you go and find some more trying one of our unique bottles: buy natural wine online choosing from our selection and get it delivered to your doorstep all over the UK!

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