About us

Passion for fine wine, respect for the environment and trust in ethical winemaking: these are the elements that gave life to Natural Vine and that push us every day to select the best red, white, sparkling wines from organic, biodynamic and natural vineyards and bring them directly to your doorstep all over the UK.

Natural Vine: a passion for special wine

The origin of the Natural Vine project is in the will of our founder and CEO, Ettore Brambilla, to make available to the UK some of the best French and Italian wines coming from organic, biodynamic and natural producers: here you can buy red wines, but also white, sparkling or special ones, that respect the environment and the ancient tradition of winemaking. Ettore comes from a family of wine producers for three generations: for him, traditional winemaking is connected to a sense of identity, and he learned from an early age that there is no need for additives or other elements to obtain fine wine, which has been produced naturally for thousands of years.

More than a decade ago Ettore moved to London, and here he soon realized that finding a high-quality and non-industrial wine in the UK is really difficult, unless you want to pay the high price. That’s why he decided to embark on his personal research: he started travelling and for two years he went personally from producer to producer between Italy and France; the result is Natural Vine: an outstanding selection of wines that have in common high quality, unique taste, respect for the environment and good value and are available for purchase all over the UK.

About natural wines

All the red, sparkling, white wines for sale in the Natural Vine online shop are “natural“. This means that they are produced according to traditional techniques, respecting the environment and the product itself: they say no to sulfites, additives and agricultural techniques that are aggressive and harmful to the environment.

Often when it comes to “natural” wines, there are doubts about the definition, as an official one is not existing; however, there are concepts that define the wines we are talking about.

Basically, these are wines produced in farms certified organic and/or biodynamic, or following the techniques of these two methods.

Often the grapes are hand-harvested and they always come from vineyards where nature is respected. The winemaking is “natural” in the cellar as well: no additives as yeast, vitamins, enzymes and lysozymes are added to the process, and as a rule, less than 70 mg/l of sulfite are present in the wine.

Also, no heavy-manipulation is permitted for a wine to be considered “natural”: let’s leave the heavy machines to industrial products.

These are only some of the concepts at the base of natural winemaking, as the matter is wider: find out more on our blog about natural wines and if you have any question feel free to contact us.

Every bottle a story

Selecting the best wines, especially special ones as those coming from ethical winemaking, is a far from simple task, so we did it for you. Now it’s your turn: by purchasing natural wines you will be sure to pour in your glass wine that is unique in quality, taste and production, healthy and genuine just like in the past.

Help the planet, enjoy a glass of outstanding wine and remember: if you respect nature, she will surprise you.

Help the planet, enjoy a glass of outstanding wine and remember:

If you respect nature, she will surprise you.

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