The fact the world of technology is touching more and more fields of our everyday life is nothing new: from wine without grapes to the many pieces of research linking wine and health, progress around our favourite bottle is certainly not lacking. And today it also turns into convenient apps and services that help wine lovers choose their next wine crush: let’s see together the 3 apps to try between technology and the world of wine.

Wine startups you want to know


Founded by two French sommeliers, Matcha is the service we all have been waiting for: a wine expert at our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can finally find our way whenever we are in doubt on the bottle to choose. How does it work? It’s easy: upon subscription to the service, designed mostly for wine online shops like ours, a bot is activated; this virtual assistant is controlled by an algorithm that helps the end-user choosing the right wine based on personal preferences and food to match.


Vinhood is an Italian startup that has developed a test to discover our ideal wine: by answering the questions we are recognised in one of the 15 profiles available, each of which has its perfect wine. Also, the Vinhood site provides users with a practical tool for combining wines and dishes.


Juggling among the different and innumerable organoleptic characteristics of the wines we drink can be a real challenge; but what if we could catalogue all this information, vote for our favourite wines and also get advice on the next bottle to buy? Myoeno takes care of it through a highly technological device: produced by the homonymous French startup, the small gadget can be immersed in our glass to record the characteristics of the wine we are drinking, then sending the data to an app on our mobile. From here, we can rate the wine and help create a profile that will also send us future advice.

Technology and wine: an interesting pairing

The union of technology and wine does not stop there and indeed seems to develop further almost daily: science stepping in a complex world like that of oenology, where data and characteristics are innumerable and so many are the variables, seems the best option. We expect to see a decisive development, especially in the IoT world, as in the case of Myoeno. In the meantime we remain between progress and tradition, offering you the best wines produced according to nature, just like in the past.

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