There are two types of wine lovers: those who buy, store away and taste any bottle, gradually refining the choices about their preferences, and those who want to know right away what fine wine they are drinking. Whether you are in the first or second category, we believe that the most interesting solution for you is to try a wine tasting box.

Wine tasting boxes: what are they?

Increasingly popular in recent years, wine tasting boxes are a great idea for those who want to taste new wines and don’t know where to start. In our case, it often happens: natural wines can be complex to choose and in many cases, it is not easy to understand from which bottle to start. Organic or biodynamic? Coming from a well-known or an independent producer? A great idea could be to attend a trade fair in the sector, such as Vinnatur in Italy or Raw Wine in London, but it is not always possible.

This is why many producers and retailers of natural wines assemble mixed cases of wine based on a theme, to offer customers the possibility of tasting fine wine without juggling amidst the enormous variety of bottles. Customers love them as a starting solution; also, there is the plus that when they buy a wine tasting box they receive several bottles at home, in most of the cases 6 or 10, selected by experts from the world of wine and often at a special price.

The types of wine tasting boxes

We, for example, have prepared several mixed boxes to offer our customers the possibility of the first taste of some of our finest wines. A good initiative, which is having a lot of success, is My First Natural Wine Box: the perfect box for those who approach the world of natural wine for the first time. Because let’s face it: it is not easy at all to choose what to buy in front of our catalogue if you are new to natural wine.

Other examples of wine tasting boxes are the thematic ones: generally, they are selections dedicated to a producer (for example our De Bartoli Collection), to a nation or a wine region (e.g. the Discover Tuscany box) or dedicated to a specific event, such as festivities or party boxes.

Another type that is much loved is that of wine boxes dedicated to a certain type of wine: an example is our Sparkling Collection, a monography on sparkling wines both organic and biodynamic, but they can be dedicated only to red or white wines, or to special wines.

Wine tasting boxes: why are them a good idea?

  • Because they are selected by experts in the wine sector, so you do not have to worry about the quality, which will always be excellent.
  • Because they allow you to taste a wide range of bottles, presenting all the nuances of the theme to which they are dedicated.
  • Because often you can save on the price of individual bottles.
  • Because they are a great gift idea.

Mixed natural wines tasting boxes

Did we make you want to try a wine tasting box? Discover all the authenticity of organic, biodynamic and natural with one of our natural wine mixed cases!

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