A few months ago we talked about underground wine cellars, do you remember? We wanted to point out an optimal solution for all those wine lovers who do not have much space available, perhaps living in the city and not having the possibility of using a real cellar. Another trendy solution for the storage of our favourite drinks is the one known as the wine cellar pod. Let’s find out more about it.

Wine cellar pods: the new trend in the world of wine

One of the main problems today, especially if you are not lucky enough to live in the middle of nature, is undoubtedly space. The luckiest of us can afford a more spacious house, but almost never so spacious as to have the place even for a wine room or a real cellar. This is a big problem for all those who love wine as they need to arrange large quantities of bottles.

We have already talked about it in this blog and if you ordered our wines you know even more: to preserve wine is not a joke. There are specific rules to follow to take care of our favourite bottles, and whether it is a common wine or the most expensive wine in the world makes little difference.

Our bottles must be in an environment that keeps them at the right temperature, away from direct light sources, primarily that of the sun, and possibly should be placed on shelves that keep them tilted and absorb vibrations. It is clear that in order to comply with all these rules, a special environment is needed, one that is created taking into account the needs of the product.

This is where underground wine cellars and the wine cellar pod enter the day. While the underground wine cellars, as we have seen, are a wine storage solution that allows you to create an accessible underground environment in which to organize your collection of bottles, the wine cellar pods, as the name suggests, are a less demanding solution than allows you to create a pod, a limited space under the floor, inside which you can place your bottles. Like any wine cellar solution, the wine cellar pods also respect all the rules to take care of even the most precious bottle, keeping the temperature constant and preserving the wines away from light.

This solution also presents very elegant variants, which transform the space for storing wines into a real luxury furnishing supplement, for an effect that leaves guests speechless, while taking care of the wines in an impeccable way.

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