Whether you are lucky enough to have an underground wine cellar or want to store your best bottles at home, there are some items you just can’t do without. Some known, some less so, here is a list of the essential accessories in the cellar of every wine lover.

The wine refrigerator

There are wines that we like best and wines that we like less, but we all have bottles that we look after as real treasures. For this reason, if you are not lucky enough to own a real cellar (or a luxurious pod) due to lack of space, it is necessary to find alternatives to take care of precious wines. The best solution is to buy a mini wine cellar, also known as wine cooler refrigerator: it can contain a variable number of bottles depending on the size and store them at a constant temperature and humidity.

The wine cooler

If you do not have enough space available to purchase a wine refrigerator, there is an alternative that can help at least serve fresh wines when needed. A wine cooler is an object that envelopes the bottle and in a few minutes, it regulates its temperature, cooling it. Perfect for champagnes, prosecco or summery white wines.

The wine thermometer

Another essential accessory in the cellar or the wine room of every wine lover, but often forgotten, is the wine thermometer: this instrument, fully functional as a mercury thermometer for the human body, helps to understand if the bottle you are about to serve is at the perfect temperature.

Discs for bottles

This accessory will be especially useful for those who have a vast repertoire of bottles, and maybe are lucky enough to be able to put them in the cellar. When the bottles become many, and as we know to be properly stored they must lie on shelves, it becomes difficult to distinguish them. Here, then, the bottle discs come to your aid: paper discs that can be put around the neck of the bottle to indicate all the information about the wine, so that they are immediately visible at first glance.

The bottle opener set

This object may seem obvious to some, after all, who doesn’t have a corkscrew at home? However, the true wine enthusiast does things right: there are really elegant bottle opener sets containing many different accessories. If you decide to set up an organized cellar to store your wines, it may be worth buying a case with everything you need to open and taste them.

…and now the wine

Now that we’ve discovered some of the cellar accessories for every wine lover, it’s time to think about the bottles. Have you tried taking a look at our catalogue of natural wines or perhaps the section dedicated to mixed natural wine cases? It is the ideal solution to start putting your new complete professional cellar to work in the best possible way.

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