The passion for wine sometimes becomes so wide that a good glass of your favourite natural red is no longer enough. There is a need for action, for emotions, to make wine an experience that comes out of the glass enjoyed while comfortably seated in the living room and enters real everyday-life: this is what vineyard wine tastings in the UK do.

Wine-related experiences

Examples are initiatives such as “Adopt a vine“, which make it possible to contribute to the maintenance of a vineyard in the most famous wine production areas, complete with a final wine case and possible participation in wine making, or wine holidays in France or Italy, an excellent way to combine a relaxing holiday in a unique place with a love of oenology.

Of course, we always talk about famous production areas such as Italy and France, but what about the UK? Is it possible to have an experience linked to wine without leaving national borders? Maybe not many will know, but it is possible and it is most likely closer to you than you think.

Vineyard wine tasting in the UK

We are talking about the vineyard wine tastings that are organized almost everywhere in the wine areas in the UK: events that combine the tasting of the best wines produced in the UK (some of which have won the gold award at the International Wine Challenge) with the joy of a relaxing break immersed in the wonderful vineyards in the English countryside.

Many tour operators now offer the possibility of trips comprehensive of tasting to spend a weekend or a week immersed in nature, culture and – of course – good wine. The destinations are the most varied: even if the wine production in the UK is still young – the first vineyards date back only to 1960 – in the last 50 years our countrymen have been very busy, up to reaching production peaks in the last decades and outstanding vineyards, which are worth a visit.

Some ideas?

For example, try to visit the Quoins Organic Vineyard in Somerset, in Bradford on Avon, where you can rest after an undoubtedly scenic journey by visiting the vineyards and discovering the precepts of organic wine and biodiversity in the area, and of course by enjoying a good glass of wine.

Another wine producer to mark in your bucket list is located in Cornwall: Camel Valley is one of the best-known producers, also thanks to the gold award at the International Wine Challenge of their 2008 Pinot Noir Rose Brut; here you can book tastings and many other activities, as well as stay overnight on site.

Finally, why not enjoy a good glass of wine in Sussex? You can do it with one of the tours/tastings of Rathfinny Wine Estate, in the magical setting of the South Down, complete with a delicious “winetaster lunch” with local products.

Which one will you try? Cheers!

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