Good news for all the bubbles lovers out there, as soon the new rosé Prosecco will be on the market. This good news has been rumoured since last year and now it is a reality, which adds to last year’s important inclusion of the Prosecco hills in the UNESCO sites.

A new type of wine

Rosé Prosecco is the new wine that is shaking the world of Italian winemakers: produced from Glera grapes as traditional Prosecco, during the process it undergoes the addition of red Pinot Noir grapes to gain a bright pink colour and different organoleptic characteristics from the normal Prosecco we are used to.

Approved last May, the proposal for the new type of Prosecco wine is waiting to become official with the publication of the provision in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic and the subsequent Ministerial Decree, to then start being produced by the next harvest and arrive on the shelves as early as the following January. Not only that: after the approval of the national regulation, it will be the turn of the European Union to formalize the change.

The rules of Prosecco Rosè DOC

According to the regulation approved by the Italian Wine Committee of the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, to be awarded the DOC title Prosecco rosé must be produced with Glera grapes with a percentage between 10% and 15% of Pinot Noir, and the fermentation has to be in an autoclave with the Martinotti method (Charmat) and must take place for at least 60 days.

The organoleptic characteristics are also included in the regulation, according to which Prosecco rosé DOC must be “more or less intense pink, bright” in colour and have “persistent” foam.

While waiting to taste the first natural Prosecco rosé wines, we can get ready by sipping some outstanding wines: how about an excellent biodynamic Prosecco and an extraordinary rosé wine from our catalogue?

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