Oh no, what a disaster! While you were sipping your favourite AOC French wine you poured some on the new sofa, leaving an unpleasant stain that you don’t know how to remove. Fortunately, there are traditional methods: let’s find out how to remove red wine stains from fabrics and furniture.

6 methods to remove red wine stains

The wine, particularly the red one, is a difficult stain to treat: its intense colour causes halos and marks to remain on the fabrics even after washing. Luckily, however difficult it might be, it is not impossible to fix: just follow these tips which will help you make the stain disappear once and for all.

Water and soap

The most simple and immediate method to remove red wine stains is to pre-treat the affected area with soap and water before performing normal washing.

Sparkling water

Are you away from home and poured red wine on your shirt or trousers? Order sparkling water immediately to treat the fresh stain by rubbing it. When you are home, just wash your clothes normally.

Marseille soap

Marseille soap is widely known for its incredible properties when it comes to difficult stains, and it works pretty well even with red wine stains. Rub the stain – being it fresh or dry – with a small bite of wet Marseille soap before washing the garment in the washing machine.

Coarse salt

Using coarse salt to treat red wine stains is a good idea, but beware of delicate items. Just sprinkle the stain with salt and leave for 5 minutes, then pour boiling water to rinse.


Another method to be used only on the most resistant fabrics is toothpaste: spread it on the stain by itself or with a small amount of lemon juice and let it work for a long time before washing the fabric in the washing machine.

Corn starch or talc

Both corn starch and talc are excellent remedies for fresh red wine stains: pour the powder on the newly stained area and wait for the wine to be absorbed, then rinse. For even more effective action, add baking soda.

These are the remedies traditionally used to remove red wine stains from sofas, tablecloths and clothes. Never forget to take into account the delicacy of the garment before treating, choosing the most aggressive methods only in the case of resistant fabrics.

And now that that red wine you were sipping is poured, it’s time to buy a new bottle; nothing better than our selection of natural Italian and French red wines!

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