You are drinking your favourite natural red wine and…disaster! It just spilt on the carpet! And now how do you get it back as clean as before? Here are three tips for removing red wine from the carpet with ingredients that we all have at home and…maybe save that white carpet you love so much!

Three homemade methods for removing red wine from the carpet

Not only did your precious wine go to waste, but you also ruined the carpet. Fortunately, there are remedies that will help you save the situation and return the carpet as new, even if it is a light coloured one. These methods do not replace professional work, of course, but you can try them and attempt to improve the situation.

Method # 1 – Sparkling water

If the disaster has just happened, not everything is lost: immediately pour sparkling water over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, take a cloth, wet it in alcohol and then place it on the stain so that the excess water is absorbed. This should help with the carpet, but it is an excellent method to use with other types of fabric and clothes as well.

Method # 2 – Liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide

Another effective method to remove red wine stains from rugs is the one that sees as the protagonist an ingredient that we all have at home but often underestimate: dish soap. It will be sufficient to mix liquid dish soap with hydrogen peroxide and then pour the mixture directly on the stain, rubbing. This method also works on not very fresh stains, however, its use is not recommended for the treatment of delicate fabrics.

Method # 3 – Corn starch and baking soda

Finally, a widely used remedy is that which combines the absorbent power of corn starch with the stain removal power of bicarbonate: creating a paste by joining these two elements and then using it directly on the stain, leaving it to rest and then rubbing with a sponge, any type of carpet can be treated.

What if home remedies don’t work?

If these remedies do not work, do not forget that there are special products on the market to eradicate even the most resistant stains: try with foam for carpets or with stain removers, and finally enjoy peace of mind. Without forgetting to refill the glass, of course!

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