If natural wine being good, genuine, classy and environmentally friendly wasn’t enough yet, from today you can add another good characteristic to it, as some recent scientific studies discovered that drinking red wine is linked to sexual desire.

The Italian research

Who’d ever thought that that glass of carefully selected red wine you are drinking had some natural aphrodisiac powers? Well, that is the truth, especially if you are a woman: some scientists from Italy found out that women drinking alcoholic drinks, and in particular red wine, have a more developed and happy sexual life.

The Italian team used a group of around 800 women of all ages between 18 and 50 years old and divided them into three primary segments:

  1. women drinking between one and two glasses of red wine every day;
  2. women drinking less than one glass of red wine or any other alcoholic drink per day;
  3. women who are not drinking at all.

They have been asked to complete a questionnaire about their sexual health and habits, and then their answers have been analysed by the doctors. The results showed that the first group, the one formed by women drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine per day, had the best sex life, even when older than the other segments. It means that drinking women have a better and more active sexual life longer as well than the women not drinking.

The precise reason that makes these results possible is not clear yet, but the scientists think that it is probably related to the high content of antioxidants that can be found in red wine. These components have a influence on human blood pressure and circulation, so they work very good in increasing the blood in some of the zones related to desire in women.

A natural aphrodisiac

This, added to the fact that some other scientists found out time ago about how drinking together makes couples happier, can give wine, and natural wine in particular, the first place among the drinks helping relationships becoming happier.

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