Christmas is in sight and if you are looking for an original gift for your friends, acquaintances and family passionate about wine, you will be spoiled for choice on the web. An excellent idea could be one of our Christmas natural wine Cases, but many are the ideas for which there is no need to drain your wallet; for example, had you ever thought of a personalised Decanter?

What is the decanter for?

If you are passionate about wine, you surely already know what we are talking about: the decanter is a special glass container in the form of an ampoule with an elongated neck in which the wine is poured to areate it and increase its aromatic characteristics. Decanting wine is an important process to improve taste, aroma and organoleptic characteristics, especially if it is an aged bottle. The passage in the decanter helps immediate oxygenation of the wine, stabilizes it and helps the filtration to separate any solid parts when it is needed.
The action of oxygenation that begins in the decanter is then concluded in the passage to the glass (if you chose the right wine glass!), where the wave motion that every wine taster performs closes the circle of oxygenation.

Custom decanters

As will now be clear, the decanter is a fundamental accessory, a must in the cellar of every wine lover and therefore a perfect Christmas present. Today in shops – both online and physical – the choice is not lacking when it comes to decanters: you can easily find them in different shapes and materials. However, the most classic remains the crystal one with the traditional crystal ampoule shape.
Many are today the services that allow not only to buy this type of container, but also to customize it thanks to engravings on the surface that allow you to dedicate the gift to a special person or to add an important or playful motto.
Not only that: after Christmas and the frenzy of the search for gifts, the personalized decanter is also an excellent idea for restaurants and wine bars.

A great idea for Christmas presents

Finally, a personalized decanter is an original idea to add to one of our special holiday mixed cases: whether it’s the Christmas at home or the End of the year one, when you buy the one you like best don’t forget to ask us which of the bottles are the perfect ones to use with your decanter. Give your friends and family the gift of tasting our natural wines in all the originality and aromatic depth that distinguishes them!

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