There are many important days in life, but few are as special as the wedding day. It is the day when love is sworn forever before friends and family, surrounded by the beautiful frame of a dream party.
But whatever your celebration is – classic, chic, or alternative – there are many choices to make it perfect: the clothes, the place, the theme, the menu, the wine. In our own small way, we want to make our contribution: we will therefore go to share which are the best wines for your wedding, as long as it is a matter of natural wine, of course!

Which types of wine should you choose for a wedding?

The choice of wine must be considered and studied together with the ideation of the party. Some rules can be considered fixed and others that can change depending on the effect you want to give to the day. Let’s see together the various phases of the refreshment with the respective tips for the best possible wine combinations.

The wedding cake wine

The wedding cake wine deserves the first place on our list and a separate mention: the moment of the cut is certainly one of the most magical of the party and accompanied by the right glass will be unforgettable!
We must first imagine the cake: what we are going to accompany it with will be based on its characteristics. If the cake is light and airy, stuffed with fresh fruit, you can opt for a cheerful sparkling wine; or, if you want to play with the flavors and make it more original in taste, the perfect choice would be a delicate and young red wine. If its composition is more complex and rich in creams, a wine with a less rigid structure will be ideal, like a sparkling white. Otherwise, if you have a less traditional idea in mind, such as that of tasting different desserts as finger food, also dare with the accompanying drinks: raisin wines will make a great impression; everyone will undoubtedly appreciate them!

The wine for the wedding menu

For the choice of bottles, you can refer directly to the menu: you can either choose to set an affinity regime or a contrast one with the dishes that will be tasted. Agreeing on the dish and wine components can therefore be an option, but you can also use light wines with rich dishes or full-bodied wines for dishes with less complex organoleptic compositions, thus giving a lively movement at the reception.
Furthermore, tradition maintains that a fish menu should be combined with white or rosé wines and a meat menu with red ones: do not make this rule an obligation. For some cooking, whether they are meat or fish, some wines are more suitable than others. If the refreshment is done in a particular region and its culinary traditions are respected, try local wines: you could discover perfectly balanced combinations.
The choice of wine can also be made about the period of the year in which the wedding will take place: if the party is celebrated at a time of the year characterized by cold temperatures, the choice of structured and full wines will be very advisable, while for warmer periods, lightening the composition and addressing light whites will be preferred.

The aperitif wine

The aperitif wine is the one that should be served to your guests at the beginning of the refreshment; usually accompanied by little complex appetizers, it’s better to choose wines with low alcohol content: a biodynamic prosecco is excellent for this initial moment in which the day begins to take shape. If, on the other hand, you want to dare and do something less classic, then a very aromatic and young rosé or red wine can be the right choice and will be much appreciated by guests, especially if accompanied by typical cold cuts.

The accompanying wine

It is the wine that is provided at the end of the refreshment, for those who want to stay a little longer; since it will be consumed without gastronomic accompaniments, it must have its own taste that does not require supports: raisin wines or fortified wines will make their entrance as masters in this circumstance.
If, on the other hand, the forecast is that of a dancing evening, after the refreshments, you can evaluate the adoption of wine-based cocktails: their variations based on red or white will make your evening unique and special.

The perfect wine for the perfect day

A few days will remain in your memory more than your wedding one: we know it well and for this we are with you, to support you in your choice and help you make it unforgettable. There are many choices to make, but we hope we have given you a good place to start; don’t forget that if you need more help for finding the best wine for your wedding day you can also rely on our experts: contact us with your doubts and questions, it will be our pleasure to help.

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