What causes the terrible aftereffects we suffer after drinking too much? Is it true that there are wines that don’t cause a hangover? As you follow our 5 natural remedies to fix drinking too much, let’s discover the answer to the crucial question: does organic wine give you a hangover?

Organic wine vs other wines: the sulphites case

If you have read our article on the various differences between natural, organic, biodynamic and “normal” wines, you will already know that there are dissimilarities at various levels – from the ethical to the organoleptic one, but the main one consists of the ingredients on the label, in particular from the use of additives during production.
Among these additives, there is one that is often held responsible for the hangover and all related problems, namely sulphites. Normal supermarket wines which follow industrial production methods, often make indiscriminate use of sulphites, substances added to wine to make the production more homogeneous, longlasting and controlled also as regards the organoleptic characteristics. As explained in another article, contrary to popular belief, sulphites do not harm a priori and indiscriminately, but there is a slice of the population sensitive to these substances; therefore, unless you are part of that small percentage, you can stop blaming your headache to sulphites because they are not the basis of your hangover 😉

What causes hangover

Yes, because the hangover is actually provoked and exacerbated by two other substances contained in wine: tannins and histamines. There is no escape from it: it is not an additive or a chemical additive to your wine that caused your sickness, but the fact that you drank a few too many glasses.

Is organic wine better for hangovers?

So we can finally answer the question from which we started: while those who are sensitive to sulphites will undoubtedly prefer natural, organic and biodynamic wines that limit or prohibit them entirely, it is wrong to say that organic wines are hangover-free. Therefore, the bad news is that there is no wine that can make you avoid a hangover and that even organic wines will cause you headaches if you overdrink it. The good news is that by purchasing natural wine you can at least be sure that your hangover is not worsened by chemical additions that you are not aware of. Seeing is believing, try our natural wine now!

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