What is the best wine in the world? At Natural Vine we think that for sure it must be a natural wine, then, of course, we all have a different answer to this question and clarifying personal taste is impossible. However, there is another curiosity to which we can answer: what is the most expensive wine in the world? Let’s find out together!

The most expensive wines: here is the top 10

Since there is no suspense in giving away just the name of a bottle, we grouped the 10 most expensive wines in the world: check them out:

10. Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc

Produced in Napa Valley, the famous Californian wine production area, this Sauvignon Blanc costs no less than $ 5,983 a bottle, but was sold for a maximum price of $ 9,058!

9. Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru

A much-loved wine produced in only 700 bottles a year: to taste a glass of Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru you have to pay up to the exorbitant amount of $ 10,280 per bottle; surely unique, both in organoleptic characteristics and price.

8. Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru

Another bottle from the Leroy domain, this time with a price ranging from $ 7,480 to $ 16,769.

7. Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Montrachet Grand Cru

Do the wines seen so far seem expensive to you? You will change your mind very soon: we are only at number 7 and already exceed the maximum amount of $ 100,000! This wine is considered one of the best whites in the world and is also very, very rare (with a production of no more than 250 cases per year). The average price for a bottle is $ 7,924, but it was also sold for $ 108,000.

6. J.S. Terrantez Madeira

In our list of the most expensive wines in the world, there is also a fortified one: a Portuguese Madeira that can boast a price range between $ 8,285 and $ 9,499.

5. Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru

This wine from the Domaine Leflaive selection far surpasses the others of the same production, which normally have quite average prices; the sale price starts at $ 10,030 and goes up to a maximum of $ 15,242.

4. Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Musigny Grand Cru

With its $ 25,222 maximum price and $ 12,882 standard price, the Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Musigny Grand Cru produced in Burgundy almost enters the ranking of the three most expensive wines in the world.

3. Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese

And here we are in the final chart: at the third place a Riesling from the German Moselle region; it is the most expensive white wine ever.

2. Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru

At the second place in our ranking there is an excellent biodynamic wine: the Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru, another production from Burgundy, starts from the standard price of $ 9,702 and reaches the maximum price of $ 551,314.

1. Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée-Conti Grand Cru

Coming from the vineyard of the same name, named Romanée-Conti, this wine is considered the most expensive in the world, with bottles ranging from the basic $ 19,702 and reaching the maximum price of $ 551,314! Would you buy it?

What is the most expensive Italian wine?

In this list, you will have noticed some great absentees: where are Italian wines? We will deepen the topic in a dedicated article, but for now, we will reveal the one at the top of the ranking: the most expensive bottle of Italian wine is Masseto, a 100% Merlot wine from the Ornellaia Estate in Tuscany whose price per bottle starts from $ 639.

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