In a previous post we wrote about the importance of Winter in the vineyard: as it happens for human beings and animals, plants need rest too, especially after the hard work of producing fruits. After the rigid Winter months, however, a completely new life cycle starts: it is the moment for the awakening of the plants; this is what happens in March in the vineyard.

The awakening of the vineyard

After the rigid Winter, the vineyard slowly commence its awakening: this takes place generally in March because the temperatures are starting to rise, yet remaining fresh, letting the vines wake up gently. Of course, this is another crucial moment for the operations in the fields. We have seen in the previous article how during Winter the farmer has to do the two fundamental operations, pruning and replanting. With these, the work has just begun: when the plant is waking up from its Winter rest, a clear liquid also called “tears” starts dripping from the spots, and a new set of operations is needed to keep the vineyard in good health.

The tying up

Just after the pruning and cutting operations are completed, the first step of the growth cycle takes place: the farmers start the tying up of the vine shoots, which are fastened to the steel wire; this will support the vine, so that does not suffer bottlenecks. Simultaneously, another cutting operation is performed: it is by this means that ill branches or wood in excess is removed.

Checking the structure

Also, the entire structure of the vineyard is checked to make sure that no replacements are needed in the wires, poles, tensioners and all the rest of the vineyard system. Every piece that seems weak or damaged is now replaced with new ones, so that the vines will be supported and will grow strong without the risk of structural failures.

March: the month which decides for the future

We can consider what happens in March in the vineyard as the first step for a good and rich future harvest: with proper foundations, the vineyard life will be easier and stronger.

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