During  the last years we heard many stories related to the incredible effects of wine: among them, the miraculous drink seems to be linked to intelligence and makes us less exposed to dementia and to couple’s unhappiness. But there is another benefit that especially those who are constantly on a diet will love: it seems that a couple glasses of wine before going to bed can actually help you losing some weight.

Two glasses of good natural wine before bed help your diet

We all know pretty well as drinking alcohol while on a weight loss diet is a no-no. However, some time ago one of the most famous New York Times authors, Tim Ferriss, came out with a totally opposite theory: in his book “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide To Rapid Weight Loss” he gives us some original advice to lose weight in unconventional ways, among which there is the tip of allowing yourself to drink up to half a bottle of wine before going to bed.

The explanation of the weird advice that Feriss, known also for his books about unconventional work times and life projects, is all to find in the concept ofsatisfactiondrinking some wine before going to bed can obliterate the need for a snack, some chocolate, a piece of dessert that many of us crave during the evening time. A moderate amount of wine is preferable to the consumption of other food or drinks, as it contains less calories and seems to give more satisfaction.

Is this a lie? Is this an incredible truth? For sure this is an original theory. However, there is some scientific proof for all this Ferriss-theory: two pieces of research, one from Harvard and one from the Washington University, in fact, revealed that there are links between wine consumption and a healthy body weight: the main research, conducted on mice, revealed that the ones who where consuming resveratrolextract were more likely to not gain weight. Resveratrol is an active ingredient in red wine.

Despite the scientific proof and the Ferriss’ theory, the real secret as usual is moderation: drinking wine can help you lose weight, just keep sureyou are consuming the right amount of it and, of course, it is the best quality of wine!

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