One of the first questions we receive is “what is natural wine?” and we tried to answer it in a previous article, when we started this blog. It is interesting to explain what natural wine is, why we felt the need for this definition and what are the differences between it and other wines, but we think it is important also to tell you which are in our opinion the reasons to buy it.

Now that we can purchase wine on the web, the choice is pretty wide. And, especially in the “natural” products field it can be hard and tricky since of the big trend that interested them during the last years.

So, why among all the incredible amount of different kind of wines you can purchase should you choose the natural alternative that we and few others offer? Read our infographic to get an idea 🙂

Why you should buy natural wine:

Because it is good.

Natural wine comes from either organic or biodynamic grapes and it tends to be as close to the traditional production as possible; nothing coming from natural productions that date back thousands of years can be bad for our bodies and minds. Drink it wisely, but enjoy it with all your body.

Because it is healthier than conventional wines.

A wine, to be defined ”natural”, has to use almost none or no chemical additives and manipulations. One of the things that make additives so tricky is the fact that, for a lack of research, we don’t really know how bad they can be for our organism. Also, more traditional is the product we have in front, more it is generally healthier. It isn’t difficult to imagine that less things are on the label, the healthier is the product (and one of our next articles will be about this).

Because it is environmentally-friendly.

Natural wine respects nature using environmentally-friendly ways of growth in the vineyards (organic and biodynamic) and processes in the cellars, cutting to the minimum the use of machines in the production.

Because it is an ethical, positive purchase that helps small producers and not the big industry.

Often the most natural wines come from small farms that continue the traditional wine production as it was in the past, passing secrets from father to son. This isn’t possible in the big industry, where additives and manipulations are a necessity for granting a wide production and low prices.

Because it is always touching and impressive.

A true product, in a world of average goods, always leaves a trace. The taste, the colour, the consistency of a natural product are always impressive.

…and for a million more reasons.

Discover them with us.

Natural Vine

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