We all know that vine plants grow healthy and luxuriant only in certain types of environments: the temperatures to grow vines must not be too low or high (see what happened in Italy two years ago) to ensure that every year the miracle of grapes, and then of wine, is accomplished. However, not everyone has the optimal place, neither for conditions, nor for space: having an estate in France or Italy would not be bad, but we have to face the harsh reality. Yet there may be a solution: if only we could grow the much-loved plants at home, perhaps on the veranda, or in a greenhouse. From this comes the question: is it possible to grow vines indoor?

Growing grapes indoor

Growing grapes at home is not only possible but also easy, thanks to some simple tricks!

The right type of grape

First of all, you have to choose the right type of vine for home growth. Among these, the dessert varieties are undoubtedly the most suitable: grapes such as Muscat of Alexandria and Black Hamburgh are among the favourites, and generally the advice is to choose vines that produce fruit close to the stem. Some examples? Chasselas Rose Buckland Sweetwater, Black Hamburgh, Rembrandt, Fosters Seedling, Royal Muscadine, Gros Maroc.

Seed or young vine?

When you are sure that the chosen vine variety is good for home growth, you can opt for both the seeds or a young vine. However, if you want to taste your grapes soon, the latter is recommended: by growing the plant from the seed you may have to wait three years before seeing the first fruits!

Water and soil

The average times for watering your plants range goes from once every 7 days to every 10 days; this also depends on where the plant’s roots are positioned: if they are in an enclosed space, like a vase or a greenhouse, it will be necessary to water the plant more frequently; if, on the contrary, the roots are inside the greenhouse you can do it more rarely.

The earth in which your vine plant will grow is fundamental: in this regard, normal garden soil is not the best choice; the ideal is a light potting mix rich in nutrients. Furthermore, it is good to put stones on the bottom in order to ensure water drainage.

The right space

Don’t forget that vine plants need a lot of space: choose large pots and make sure to leave enough space for them to breathe and grow easily. Furthermore, vines need a good amount of light and sun, so put them where they can get enough. If your space is a greenhouse, the best place is at the opposite end from the door.

When to pick grapes from the plant?

The best moment is when the grapes are full and juicy to the touch; the seeds inside are now dark brown, and the taste is sweet and round (although it depends on the grape variety you have chosen).

Indoor grapes and vines: easy and tasty

Therefore it is possible, and also quite simple, to grow grapes in a closed environment such as a greenhouse or a veranda; of course, do not expect a large production of wine: for that, we are sorry to tell you, you need a farm. Think about it! In the meantime, to get inspiration, try one of our incredible natural wines 😉

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