Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to drink a glass of wine without the anxiety of damaging your health? Well, on this blog in the past we have discovered how red wine can extend life and even help us fight Alzheimer’s. Today we go further: for our section on food and wine pairings, here are three healthy food and wine matches.

Wine and health

We know that wine contains alcohol and that alcohol, when consumed in excessive doses, can cause damage to our health: from the increase in blood pressure to addiction, up to the dreaded hangover, alcohol should be consumed in small and controlled quantities.
However, if kept under control, the consumption of alcoholic beverages can be a real pleasure. This is why there are many tips on “good” food and wine pairings and healthy recipes, to help everybody enjoy a good glass without feeling guilty.

Salmon and white wine

One of the lighter and healthier food and wine pairings is undoubtedly that that sees salmon as the protagonist. This fish is perfect for a wide variety of preparations and recipes and also works very well in combination with white wines. Our advice is to cook the salmon very simply on the griddle, perhaps with the addition of a pinch of salt, pepper, rosemary and a little olive oil, and enjoy it with a good glass of white wine. If it is a special occasion, which therefore requires a more elaborate preparation, why not try a salmon cooked directly with white wine and mustard? This pairing is delicious and elegant ​​and will leave your guests speechless.

Glazed Pork and white wine

A classic party dish, perfect for thinking about Christmas dinner in advance, glazed pork is a guaranteed success when brought to the table. Our advice is to prepare this dish with the addition of mustard and honey, then pair it with a good glass of natural white wine. By adding some cloves on the surface of the meat you will get a tasty and fragrant dish, delicate to the right point. To add an extra healthy touch, try serving it with a side of spinach sautéed with a little olive oil and garlic. Christmas dinner sorted.

Tuscan ribollita and Chianti Classico

If you are looking for a healthy yet sophisticated combination, why don’t try a classic Tuscan ribollita? A rustic, delicate dish that will captivate your guests and spoil your palate with natural ingredients from the Italian tradition. Tuscan ribollita is a typical soup made with bread and is very tasty. The perfect match is undoubtedly a good natural Chianti: also coming from the Tuscan tradition, this still red wine is the ideal match for one of the most famous dishes of the Italian regional tradition.

Today we have learned that adding a glass of wine to our meal does not always mean choosing an unhealthy solution: much depends of course on the preparation of foods, which can end up containing more or fewer calories and fats. The important thing is to rely on simple and little or no processed foods and eat as much as possible in a natural way: the healthy combination of food and wine is not only possible but also easy and tasty. Now you just have to try it!

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