2020 has undoubtedly been a strange year and one that we will remember for a long time: among emergencies, lockdowns and holidays closed in the house, our habits have suffered a shake. There have been many negative events that we will remember with anxiety; however, we believe that in this difficult moment there were also many positive signs.

Among these, undoubtedly for those like us who deal with selling natural wines in the UK, therefore with attention to genuineness and the environment, the moment of pause and breath that the temporary stop of human activities has offered to the planet is crucial: it is important that during the first period of the lockdown the stop to production in China has made it possible to reach an incredible -25% in the country’s CO2 emissions and -6% in global ones. Not only that: we have seen the waters return to crystal clear and the animals return into the cities and parks, thanks to the sudden disappearance of humans in the streets.

The difficult situations related to the spread of the virus have also pushed many of us towards charitable actions and towards helping others: while on the one hand, charity organizations suddenly found themselves in a difficult position, unable to move to bring aid and affected by lockdowns, on the other hand, there have been many neighbourhood or local initiatives to help the elder and weak or virus-affected neighbours. The Covid emergency has shrunk people’s spaces, highlighting the importance of the community.

This is even more true for families, groups of friends and city districts: the impossibility of meeting, hugging and sharing the best moments has brought the attention back to the importance of relationships and how much the people around us and the time that we spend together are precious.

With all of this in mind, we wish you precious holidays, where you can savour every second of happiness and every minute spent with your loved ones, whether in person or via a video call or phone call. Without forgetting that a good glass of natural wine, maybe from one of our festive mixed cases, could be the perfect party toast.

Cheers and best wishes from all of us!

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