There are no doubts about grapes being a special and delicious fruit: after all, they turn into excellent wine, even better if natural. Therefore it won’t be a surprise to discover that grapes can boast also healing properties and they can help combat disorders such as knee arthrosis and diabetes.

Grapes: a fruit, many beneficial properties

In the past we have seen how wine can boast beneficial properties that are almost unbelievable, spanning from the fight to senile dementia to the prevention of heart attacks and the gift of an overall longevity; obviously, all this has to do with the innate characteristics of grapes and their many beneficial properties for the human body.

Among these, two recent research has uncovered incredible data.

Grape skin against diabetes

The first research is by Wayne State University, which has studied the effects of grape skins on the prevention and treatment of diabetes: the researchers found out that grape skin extract has an inhibitory effect on the hyperglycemia if consumed after meals. The results are encouraging, but the research is still under study and in progress: who knows, maybe in the near future, a good glass of wine could help us keep diabetes at bay!

Grapes to relieve knee arthrosis

The second research has been conceived and carried out by the Texas Woman’s University: the researchers investigated the relationship between the active ingredients naturally present in grapes and the pains related to knee arthrosis. With a practical approach, the study group submitted 72 volunteers of both sexes and affected by the disorder to a 16-week long monitoring. The volunteers were divided into two groups and the first was given placebo drugs, the second powdered lyophilized grapes. The second group saw a strong decrease in the pains and symptoms associated with the pathology, especially in the men’s section when younger than 65 years. In any case, the improvement was substantial.

Wine and good news

The good news related to the world of wine and grapes are a daily matter: not only wine is ancient and full of history, but still today is a constant source of surprises and good news, and we are happy to write about them!

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