We already knew that wine has incredible benefits: from slowing down dementia to fighting heart attacks, our favourite drink hides endless surprises. But this is also thanks to the fact that the ingredient at the base of its creation, grape, is truly incredible and good for human well-being. And this includes beauty too: let’s discover the benefits of grapes for the skin.

Grapes and health benefits: where do they come from?

Without a doubt, everybody heard at least once in life someone say to eat fruit because it is good for you, but not many probably thought this meant it was making them more beautiful too. This advice is actually scientifically based in the composition of the grape itself, which has some properties that are then passed on to wine. Each grape, in fact, contains high quality of vitamins – C, B1, B2, PP and A – and polyphenols, i.e. beneficial substances that help the human body in various positive operations, like remaining young thanks to the antioxidant action. Therefore, the use of grape for purely aesthetic reasons makes absolutely sense.

Grapes for the skin: how to use it

Then, in addition to indulging in a very pleasant glass of wine with meals, how to activate all the benefits of this fruit so they can make us beautiful and healthy? The methods are as simple as uncorking a good bottle of your favourite natural red wine: to exploit all the beneficial power of grapes, simply remove the seeds and then create a paste with the fruit; then apply it on the skin of the face. After a time of just around 15 or 20 minutes, it will already be possible to notice the difference, and by repeating the operation often, the skin will become more beautiful. Your grape application will help you regulate your skin colour, tone and make it look younger.

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