Summer holidays are now a memory and Christmas holidays are still far away. Even if at the moment you can’t leave due to work commitments, this seems like the perfect time to think about booking next year’s holidays. And if you are a wine lover, why not combine relaxation and tasting? For example, by choosing a wine holiday in France to deepen your knowledge of French wines and their origins.

Wine holidays and breaks in France wine regions

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world: here are produced some of the most famous bottles, e.g. Champagne or Bordeaux. It will therefore not be a surprise to discover that every year wine lovers go to the French countryside to taste and fully enjoy the wine tradition. In fact, there is a business that combines tourism (especially in the luxury segment, but not only) and the world of wine, organizing single day trips or entire tours in the most famous regions of French wine production.

A wine break in the Champagne region

The first name of our list of French regions to visit for your wine holiday is undoubtedly the Champagne region. Although the eponymous wine is expensive and prohibitive for some, a holiday in this region can be affordable. Without relying on famous (and, indeed, expensive) names there are so many wine-producing companies here, and there is plenty of choice between producers’ tours and mini-vacations. A visit to the Moët & Chandon mansion with glass included is a must. Moreover, being the Champagne region close to Paris, you can catch the opportunity and spend a few days visiting the French capital.

A wine-visit to the Bordeaux region

Another name to be deleted from the wine-bucket list is that of the Bordeaux region: even if we already know a lot about the history of Bordeaux wines, nothing forbids us to investigate and – above all – to taste 😉 Unlike the Champagne region, Bordeaux can be expensive for both tastings and stay, so if you are on a budget, read the prices carefully before ordering. We recommend spending a few days in the city of Bordeaux because it is worth a visit while being the perfect base to reach producers in the area.

Burgundy: tha paradise of wine holidays

Of course, the Burgundy region couldn’t be missing from our list: home of the homonymous red wine obtained with Pinot Noir grapes, this area of France is a must for wine lovers. We particularly recommend one of the many experiences that combine wine and food for some truly heavenly combinations.

Cycling and drinking in Alsace

If you like sporting and original holidays, the Route de Vin in Alsace could be the perfect wine break for you: if you are ready to pedal between one wine tasting and another while enjoying wonderful landscapes and passing through picturesque medieval villages, then jump onto the saddle. The Alsace region, home of the excellent Riesling, is well-known for its welcoming producers who offer free tastings without having to buy anything. All this contributes to a truly unique experience.

Wine-traveling around France

These are just some of the ideas to spend a vacation in the pursuit of rest and wine-tasting in France: of course, a territory so rich in traditions linked to wine and its production offers much more. While you wait to leave for your next wine holiday in France, why don’t you start with homework by trying all the aroma of some of the best organic or biodynamic French wines? Go to our online shop and choose “France” in our menu to try some new outstanding wines!

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