Every year the same story: there are those who have their Christmas organised from the Summer and those who wait until the end to get presents, send invitations and…decide the menu!

chirstmas at home boxIf you are part of the first category for sure you already checked out our offers and chosen your wine, but if you fall into the second…we are here to help! We created a special selection dedicated to Christmas: our “Christmas at Home” mixed case gathers six wine bottles of wine that will accompany you in every part of the Christmas menu, from the starters to the dessert and the final toast.

Inside it, you will find a precious mini-collection of our most loved festive wines. That’s you sorted for the wine.

Still not sure about the menu? We make it even easier: here are the food matches that go with every wine in the box, you will have only to order the box and the shopping and…enjoy your Christmas 😉

Alla Costiera Prosecco 2014 Veneto, Italy – Aperitif

What to say about Prosecco? You surely know everything about it: with its unmistakable bubbles it is the official party-starter; fresh and sparkling, fruity and mineral, it goes well with light and interesting dishes. It is just the right bottle to pair with your aperitif: what about a starter of asparagus and shrimp cocktails? Surely it will make happy everyone invited to the table!

Domaine Barmès Buecher Gewürztraminer Rosenberg 2012 Alsace, France – Aperitif

Gewürztraminer is well known to be an incredible match with turkey and poultry in general, however there are never enough starters and it happens to couple awesomely with them as well… so why not double the aperitif? Try this bottle with a Smoked Salmon carpaccio and surprise family and friends!

Biscaris Nero d’Avola Cavaleri 2011 Sicily, Italy – Pasta with Bolognese sauce

Thanks to its fruitiness and richness, the ruby red Nero d’Avola is the perfect match with many different dishes. However, being it from Italy – the sunny Sicily to be precise – it goes without doubt with pasta dishes. Have you thought about an Italian touch to add some sophistication to your Christmas meal? Well, do it: take to the table this oustanding bottle to accompany a likewise outstanding plate of pasta with Bolognese sauce. You won’t regret it!

Casa Raia Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2010 Tuscany, Italy – Roast beef

With just 2100 bottles produced, this incredible organic Rosso di Montalcino DOC is be the perfect addition to your Christmas meal: ideal as a smooth passage between the tasty Bolognese and a meat plate – what about a roast beef? This food/wine pairing will win even the most traditional guests.

Marco De Bartoli Vigna la Miccia Sicily, Italy – Dessert

Vigna la Miccia is an outstanding example of traditional Sicilian Marsala fortified wine and it takes all the good qualities from it: slightly sweet, delicate and fruity, it retains all the taste and peculiarities of the Grillo grapes from organic farming. This incredible wine is the perfect match with your best dessert selection, especially cream desserts, chocolate sweets and puddings. Unleash your *sweet* imagination, with this wine you can!

Champagne Leclerc Briant Champagne Brut Champagne, France – Final toast

What to say about this incredible Brut Champagne? This is the special bottle with which end your Christmas meal with a real classy toast. Raise your glasses and…cheers!

Now that you got the menu as well, you have no more excuses: go to our Mixed Cases page and get straight away our Christmas at Home wine collection, it comes at a special price for some time, so don’t miss it! 😉

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