If you are a wine lover, at least once in your life you have heard about natural wine: tired of the environmentally harmful practices implemented by large distributors and mass agriculture, some producers have decided to go back to the origins of wine production, when the taste of wine was not just over and over the same, but varied according to the territory, the vintage, the climate. Small and medium producers dedicated to organic and biodynamic agriculture on their farms have started introducing the same rules for the cultivation of grapes and for managing what happens later in the cellar.
The result is represented not only by wines of excellent quality, often produced in very few thousands or even hundreds of bottles, but a real movement.

How to approach the world of natural wine

Although we are passionate about wine, we know that the process of approaching so peculiar wines may not be immediate. Some customers have told us that at the beginning they did not know where to start to begin their journey in the world of natural wine.
That’s why we thought it was the right time to create our fantastic “My first natural wine box“: a collection of wines specifically selected for that first taste that allows us to understand the main peculiarities of the wines made by the Natural Vine producers and the differences compared to the normal wines that can be found at the supermarket all over the UK.
Not just only that: this mixed case is also a perfect gift for those who love wine and wants to add a few high-quality bottles to their cellar, perhaps to match them with a special dinner.

Inside, a selection of our most loved wines:

1x Pezzalunga 2013 – Vercesi del Castellazzo

1x Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2013 – Domaine du Trapadis

1x Le Rosé 2014 – Domaine du Joncier Lirac

1x Lucido 2014 – Marco De Bartoli

1x Macaline 2013 – Domaine des Mathouans

1x Prosecco 2014 – Alla Costiera

All this at a special and discounted price for both six and twelve bottles to celebrate the opening of our new site. Do not miss it, make your entrance into the world of natural wine today!

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