The combination of food and wine is a real science indeed: between personal taste and perfect couples, bringing the right wine to the table is often the result of knowledge and experience. Fortunately, there are sommeliers and experts who can help us by recommending the perfect bottle to combine with the most diverse foods: whether it’s an invitation to dinner or a menu created by us, success is assured.

This also applies to the famous festive dinners: an opportunity to spend time together with family and friends is the perfect time to enjoy new, tasty wines together.

Our wines catalogue is vast and varied, and we know how complex it can be to choose the right bottle for each course; luckily we help you with a special selection that will make even the most demanding wine lover happy. Ready? Here are the perfect wines for the classic Easter menu!

Roast Beef & Biscaris Cerasuolo di Vittoria or Casa Raia Bevilo 2013

In the past we have written about pairings with the classic holidays’ stuffed Turkey; the other main dish of the festive table is undoubtedly the delicious Roast Beef: soft and delicate, this recipe goes well with a wide range of side dishes and with the delicious gravy. The perfect wine? Here it is: our choice can only be a dark, full-bodied wine such as Biscaris Cerasuolo di Vittoria or Casa Raia Bevilo 2013.

Hot Cross Buns & Alla Costiera Prosecco

Hot Cross Buns, the typical spiced raisin rolls are a must on the Easter table of the whole United Kingdom: created in the 16th century, these sweets made from a mixture of flour, whole milk, butter, eggs and yeast, to which raisins, cinnamon and orange peel are then added, are among the most popular festive delicacies for young and old. If you love them too, we have the right wine: the richness of nuances in their flavour goes well with a delicious sparkling perfect for every occasion like Alla Costiera Prosecco.

Chocolate eggs and…

And what about the much loved chocolate eggs? Whatever your age, receiving a chocolate egg and sharing it with others at the table will certainly make you smile. In a previous article we have seen some rules to match desserts and wines and we know that not all desserts are combined with the same wines. That is why even in the case of chocolate eggs a division is needed: which one is your favourite, dark or milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate eggs and Passito di Pantelleria

Dark and full of nuances, dark chocolate is loved by the most refined palates;¬†thanks to its unique characteristics, the perfect match is undoubtedly a Passito di Pantelleria, like the grandiose Marco de Bartoli Bukkuram Sole d’Agosto.

Milk chocolate eggs and Spumante / Prosecco

With their sweet and round taste, milk chocolate eggs are the perfect match for a sparkling wine or prosecco: don’t miss the pairing with another bottle by Marco de Bartoli, the Terzavia Metodo Classico.

Here are our three outstanding Easter wine and food pairings: now you only have to take advantage of our Easter offers to get the best bottles for your festive table. Cheers!

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