A good glass of natural wine and a happy relationship: we know about loosing weight through wine, for example, but who ever could have thought that these other two things were connected?

The connection between wine and happy couples

This is the incredible truth as unveiled by a research published in “The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series”: the paper, called “Drinking Patterns Among Older Couples: Longitudinal Associations With Negative Marital Quality”, is the result of a test lasted no less than ten years. During this extended period, a team of scientists examined 2767 couples and 4864 married people: they had to periodically report about their drinking habits and their marital quality to make clear if the two things were linked somehow.

The idea for the test came out from the realization that we are aware of how alcohol consumption can have a strong influence in the relationships of younger couples, but we know almost nothing about older ages.

The test and the results

All the tested people this time were over 50 years old and had been asked the questions across two waves of tests, over ten years. The results are kind of interesting: it seems, in fact, that the couples drinking together are having happier relationships. This result is pretty high especially for the wives: the ladies drinking alcohol – being it wine, liquors or beer – together with their husbands seem to have more satisfying relationships, also getting better over time. The opposite is happening to wives when the husband isn’t drinking: they report increased negative marital quality over time.

This result could seem an encouragement to drink more to be happy, but actually the scientists who worked on the research observed another thing: it’s not the amount of alcohol or the quality of it, but the fact that the couples are drinking together, therefore passing free time sharing something they enjoy. So, the result is more about sharing experiences and valuable time, than about drinking.

It’s a matter of good experience

We think anyway that, being natural wine a good experience itself, ther’s a big chance that it can still make your couple life better 😉

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