Natural white wine lover? Then you will undoubtedly know all the qualities of the widely appreciated category of dry white wines. Today we discover together the secrets of this type of wine, with a focus on which is the driest white wine.

Dry white wine: what is it?

When it comes to winemaking, the procedures are always crucial, however, in white wines, they are fundamental because they can make the difference in obtaining completely different results: in general, the preparation of white wines needs more commitment and attention than that of red wines because it requires greater precision in the process of extraction and fermentation of the must. This also applies to dry white wines – those to which we generally refer when we speak of “white wine” – which can be produced from both white grapes or red grapes vinified in white, and require delicate processing balance between the two parameters of acidity and alcohol. In addition to these particularities, the main characteristic of dry white wines, which makes them different from all other wines, is the low concentration of sugars, which generally stands below 4 g / l.
Precisely for this reason, as we have seen in our previous article, the calories contained in a bottle of white wine are generally lower than other wines.
Dry white wines are excellent for use in the kitchen to enhance the taste of many recipes and are also an excellent pairing for fish, eggs and vegetables.

What is the driest white wine in the world?

Creating a list that collects all types of dry white wine is a decidedly complex undertaking because there is a truly unprecedented quantity, and even finding out which is the driest white wine is not immediate. These are the types of white wine tendentially drier:

Italian Pinot Grigio: Italian wine produced in the North – between Veneto, Friuli and Trentino-Alto Adige – among the most popular and fashionable. Try our organic version: Castello di Stefanago Campo Piano Pinot Grigio 2012 Lombardy, Italy
Sauvignon Blanc: another well-known wine synonymous with trendy, this time coming from France.
Chardonnay: very dry wine also produced in Italy, such as the incredible Dalle Ore Chardonnay IGT 2016 Veneto Italy
Muscadet: one of the driest wine on the market, Muscadet comes from the Loire region of France.
Garganega: a wine with IGT appellation produced in Veneto, northern Italy; try it right now in the “wines of the frequencies” version by Dalle Ore 639Hz Garganega IGT 2017 Veneto Italy

Whether it’s dry or sweet, white or red, don’t forget that natural is better: discover all our organic and biodynamic wines for sale!

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