Drinking wine not only makes life better, but extends it as well!

Now there is evidence: in the past we learnt how to drink champagne can help fight senile dementia, today we see as a glass of red *natural* wine can help us live up to 100 years.

One/two glasses of red wine to live longer

Some time ago an amazing news spread in the newspapers all over the world: the 113 yo Francisco Núñez Olivera, one of the longest-lived men in the world, when asked how he reached such a venerable age replied that among his habits there is a glass of red wine a day.
This news may seem curious and a bit weird, maybe the result of an eccentric habit; however, it seems to be true: studies have shown that daily alcohol consumption is a routine that can lead to longer life, even more than physical exercise.

It is declared by a University of California neurologist, Claudia Kawas, in a research that has investigated the relationship between alcohol consumption and longevity. The doctor has studied for over 15 years the habits of a group of +90 to understand what are the constant features that lead to a longer life. The results are pretty unexpected: apart from maintaining an average weight, without ever being too overweight nor too thin, the research has revealed that among the habits related to longevity there are the consumption of two cups of coffee a day, the devotion to hobbies, about 15 minutes of exercise a day and finally one to two glasses of red wine.
The neurologist, presenting the results at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Texas, said: “I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity.”

The results are quite interesting, and we add: if drinking wine lengthens life, drinking good natural wine can just amplify the effect. Who, like us, will live up to more than 100 years? 😉

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