The Christmas holidays are really upon us and this year will be a little different than usual. While sipping one of the bottles from our natural wine festive mixed case, why not enjoy a bit of lightness: we have collected 10 curiosities about wine that probably you didn’t know.

  1. Which country can boast the largest variety of vitis vinifera in the world? Italy, which hosts well over 350 different types.
  2. Thanks to this incredible wealth, the boot-shaped country is also one of the largest wine producers in the world, along with France, Spain and California. Every year Italy produces about 50 million hectoliters of wine, the equivalent of about 2,000 Olympic swimming pools.
  3. The oldest vine finds also come from Italy: they were found in Tuscany and date back to about 2000 years ago. The oldest western wine dates back to 6000 years ago, its traces have been found on Mount Kronio in Sicily.
  4. It is possible to be scared of wine: it is called aenophobia and it is a rare but possible pathological condition.
  5. In the past, there was a drink that combined wine and cocaine: coca wine or coca vin, the most famous of which is Vin Mariani was a very popular drink in the nineteenth century. Not only that: it is from this wine that Coca-Cola originated, created as an alternative during Prohibition.
  6. Returning to antique times: the custom of bumping the glasses when toasting comes from the Roman world when it was not uncommon for someone to try to put poison in glasses. Bumping the goblets would help the poison to mix with the wine, and was, therefore, a way to demonstrate the trust placed in the diners.
  7. In the Roman world, moreover, we would not have found on the table some of the most popular wines today: sparkling wine and bubbles were in fact attributed to evil spirits and negative lunar influences.
  8. Which country consumes the most red wine? Surprisingly, it is China: while many have tried to guess by answering Italy or France, it is the country of the rising sun that wins the primacy.
  9. Another surprise can be found in answering the question of which country consumes the most wine: it is the Vatican, where 74 litres per person are consumed per year.
  10. Finally, do you know what is the most cultivated variety in the world? Cabernet Sauvignon.

We hope these curiosities have entertained you during these last days before Christmas.

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