Should red wine be chilled or should it be served at room temperature? Today we answer to this interesting question.

If anyone had the unfortunate idea to ask “Should I put this bottle of delicious natural red wine in the fridge?” obviously the first answer would be a sharp “NO!”. It is in fact known that red wines should not be served cold from the fridge, but rather at “room temperature”.
However, as often happens, not all rules are absolute, and therefore the answer to the previous question should be “it depends”. Yes, because – hear, hear – there are red wines that can be served fresh.

Some clarifications on the temperature of the wine

First of all, when we talk about serving temperatures, we must specify what we are referring to. When we say that red wine should be served “at room temperature” we are referring to the temperature of the cellar in which it should be stored, which is generally between 14° and 16°, and certainly not at the temperature that can be at home perhaps in July or August. Having said that, we are sure that the concept of wine “at room temperature” or served “warm”, as we often hear, will take on another meaning.

The types of red wine to be tasted fresh

Given what is meant by saying “serving temperatures”, it will be clear that, especially during periods of intense heat, the fridge could be a good choice in order to enjoy more your glass of wine. To this we add that there are red wines that lend themselves well to tasting at cooler temperatures: generally, they are light red wines, which can be served almost at the same temperature as structured white wines, therefore between 12°/14°. To understand which ones they are, it is worth paying attention to their alcohol content: if our wine is within 12° of alcohol, then it can generally be suitable for being served chilled.
But be careful not to overcool, since excessive cold can ruin the organoleptic characteristics of the wine, reducing its aromas and softness. When it comes to red wine, in fact, the bottle must not be left in the refrigerator constantly, perhaps for several days, but only cooled just before consumption.

In conclusion, if the general rule is that red wines should be served at room temperature, it is also true that some red wines are delicious when served fresh.

Would you like tailor-made advice on which of our natural red wines to refresh before serving? We are here to help you: for any questions contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible!

Cover Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

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