When it comes to choosing a good wine, most of us select it on the basis of organoleptic characteristics, production quality (which is always excellent in natural wines), grape varieties and ideal food matches in case it is a bottle to be combined with a special menu. However, for those who fight with weight and are looking for a low-calorie diet, it may happen to choose a wine also based on its caloric characteristics: in the past, we talked about the caloric intake of a bottle of red wine, today we discover together how many calories are contained on average in a bottle of white wine, and therefore which type of wine is better in case of diet.

Differences between red wine and white wine

Let’s first review the basics: the differences between red wine and white wine are many, to be declined as many times as the types of wine produced; however there is a fundamental one, linked to chemistry and winemaking. The main difference that defines the colour of a wine is in fact in the production moment, where for white wines the grapes are used and pressed immediately after the harvest, while for the reds they are first fermented.

Different production, different caloric intake

Why are we reminding this? The reason is simple: as we have seen above, there is a formula for calculating the number of calories present in a bottle starting from the alcohol content of the wine we are analyzing. At the same time, the alcohol content is determined by the fermentation process among other things. From this, it comes the fact that containing red wine a higher level of alcohol, it also contains higher calories, and therefore, in case you want to have a glass while on a diet, white wine is undoubtedly more recommended.

How many calories are contained on average in a bottle of white wine

But now let’s answer the question in the article: how many calories are there on average in a bottle of white wine?
We have seen in our previous article how a bottle of red wine with low alcohol content contains between 810 and 990 calories, while the same bottle when containing red wine with high alcohol content can reach up to 1200 calories. When we talk about white wines, however, the average caloric intake of a bottle ranges between 400 and 800 calories.

In short, if we really want to be careful with the caloric intake of the single glass we sip, white wine is better than red wine when you are on a diet; however, in both cases, it is a decidedly non-dietary product, therefore, given that you have decided to give yourself a treat, we advise you to fully enjoy it, whatever the calorie intake!
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