In the last few years, a real trend has broken out in the world of wine: the recovery and production of orange wines. These wines are special and recall in the concept the rose wines (with an opposite production method, though) which, as already seen, are very successful in France. Let’s discover more on the subject and find out where to buy orange wines.

A few words about orange wines

Orange wines get their name from the colour from which they are characterized: an orange whose shades range from pale to very vivid, due to the production method which sees prolonged contact with grape skins and their pigments. The grapes used are white grapes; however, contrary to what happens for red wines, in the production of white wines the contact with the grape skin is considered negative for the quality of the wine, therefore the pulp is immediately moved to the fermentation vessels leaving the skins apart.

In orange wines, on the other hand, skins with their content of pigments, tannins and phenols, are kept to help fermentation and give the wine texture and flavour.

We said at the beginning of the article that these wines recall in the concept the rose wines diffused in France, but in reality they are created with quite an opposite process: where in fact rose wines are obtained from a blend of red and white grapes in which the skin of the grapes are kept in contact only for short times, in the production of orange wines the colouring and the organoleptic characteristics are due to the contact of the white skins for a long time.

The trend of orange wines has found its peak in recent decades, in particular, thanks to the decisive boost of production in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (and all the northern regions, as this outstanding example of biodynamic orange wine from Veneto shows) and of the natural wine movement, which has embraced the traditional bases of this product, going back nothing less than thousands of years in Europen history.

Where to buy orange wines?

Thanks to the diffusion and the trend of recent years, buying orange wines today is no longer as difficult as in the past: this particular type of wine can be found quite easily on supermarket shelves. However, this does not mean that the bottles found are of good quality.

To overcome this doubt and bring to the UK market some genuine, niche wines, we have personally selected some incredible bottles of orange wines from organic and biodynamic farming: buy the best natural orange wines online in our shop and taste something new!

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