“A wine must touch your soul, otherwise drink water.”
Fulvio Bressan

And how does a wine touch your soul? First of all, it depends on what you have inside.

Because wine is culture, it is knowledge before taste, it is a work of art and whoever creates it is a bit of an artist, a bit of a spectator himself, at the mercy of that archaic Genius well known in the Greek and Roman world for giving life to art. But winemaking is, above all, time and nature, the two essential elements to the making of a good wine according to Fulvio Bressan, heir to an ancient family of wine producers from Farra d’Isonzo Friuli Venezia Giulia, whose first vintage dates to no less than 1737.

And it is from here we start our chat (that you will find as a complete interview in one future post on this blog): the long history of the Bressan family in the winemaking field.

I am curious: how much of these outstanding wines is due to the long family experience and what is due to Fulvio’s ideas? It is clear pretty soon that I am in front of a mix of both elements, however undoubtedly Fulvio’s effort in setting up a unique production, fighting at the same time a commercial world that made of wine a simple constructed product instead of a natural one, is a big part. He clearly states that “the seniority of a company means nothing, it depends on who is the head of the company”. As the masterpiece in the world of art is built upon tireless exercise and tries to overcome the basic techniques, Fulvio’s non-conformist ideas and techniques are built on his family’s ancient tradition but the ultimate result is a unique, original production with its own rules and vision.

But Fulvio, well know for his direct and controversial character, does not want to hear of having the production of wine in his blood: despite being the ninth generation of the Bressan family and head of one of the most renowned companies in Italy for the incredible finesse of its wines, when I ask if his son will be, therefore, the tenth generation, he replies that freedom comes first. You cannot choose for children, they are people in their own right.

And he certainly made many choices before finally taking up wine production: a high school diploma in literature, a degree in Clinic Psychology, a career as a pilot (he won an Italian Championship in 1988), before he decided to devote himself to the family business restoring the company to its former glory, then enhancing its philosophy, using his own impetuous river of knowledge and ideas as the foundation for a new, extremely pure philosophy, which sees exceptional quality before quantity.

The result is a very exclusive production of incredibly fine wines, of the highest level, rare and with a strong character. A character that is always different, because the reins of production are in nature hands, which gives each Bressan vintage the characteristics of the time, the territory, the weather in which the wines were born.

Wines accompanied – rather than produced – by Fulvio Bressan and his wife Jelena Misina towards their natural identity. Wines that seduce and to seduce, wines that stimulate imagination, culture and emotion. Wines with which Bressan confesses to sit and talk because they are alive, intelligent, irreverent matter.

Which respect nature and tradition, transcending certifications (absent by choice) and labels.

Wines that are outstanding, extraordinary, because produced according to the strict rules set by Fulvio, which are to respect the vines in the vineyard (because let’s remember that it is here and not in the cellar that the wine is produced) – with selection of the grapes, pruning and harvesting exclusively by hand – to use only natural fertilizers and rely on fermentation with indigenous yeasts, without the use of additives and flavourings, with bottling without filtration, with one-piece cork stoppers and manual labelling.

“Real wines”, produced by real people.

We have selected some of them for you to enjoy during these holidays for a truly special treat to you and your family and friends:

Bressan Carat IGP 2016 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy: a straw-yellow, inviting and fine white wine obtained from the union of Tocai Friulano, Malvasia and Ribolla Gialla grapes. Delicately aromatic and enticing, this is a wine to open to make special every occasion.

Bressan Pignol IPG 2004 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy: made from one of the oldest native vines of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pignol is an elegant, full-bodied wine perfect for connoisseurs.

Bressan Verduzzo IGP 2015 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy: another outstanding white wine, Bressan’s Verduzzo is dry, full and fresh. Its bouquet, which recalls apples, pears, peaches, walnut, apricot, acacia, dry fruits makes it another wine ideal for connoisseurs.

Bressan Pinot Nero IGP 2012 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy: a full-bodied, intense Pinot Nero; elegant and dry, rich in hints of undergrowth and spices, it comes from attentively selected grapes.

Bressan Schioppettino IGP 2012 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy: Schioppettino is one of the most renowned Bressan’s wines; deep purple in colour, it boasts an incredibly deep and various bouquet. It comes from a rare indigenous grape variety.

Bressan Grigio in Grigio IGP 2014 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy: copper and warm in the colour, full-bodied and slightly tannin on the palate, Grigio in Grigio is an extraordinary example of Pinot Grigio Ramato by Fulvio Bressan.

Don’t miss the occasion of tasting these one-of-a-kind bottles!


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