Good wine and culture go definitely hand in hand: surely, a full glass helps thought and meditation, but also the development of new ideas. Unsurprisingly, wine is a famous companion of intellectuals, thinkers, artists and political minds: this is why there are many quotes about wine; we have already talked about it in a previous article, and today we continue with the list of the best wine quotes of all time.

More quotes about wine

“I am like an aging wine. As we get older, wine is better, but not every wine gets better, some go sour. ”
– Eugenio Montale

“The wine pushes me, the mad wine, which makes even the wisest man sing and makes him laugh softly and forces him to dance, and he takes out the word, which is better unsaid.”
– Omer

“Bronze is the mirror for the face, wine is that of the mind.”
– Aeschylus

“Great is the luck of the one who has a good bottle, a good book, a good friend.”
– Molière

“The only weapon I tolerate is a corkscrew.”
– Jean Carmet

“Wine is nothing but sunlight mixed with the dampness of the vine.”
– Galileo Galilei

“Work makes days prosperous, wine makes happy Sundays.”
– Charles Baudelaire

“Wine should be eaten, it is too good to just be drunk.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

“Wine sellers amaze me, since what can they buy better than what they sell?”
– Omar Khayyâm

“Nunc vino pellite curas – Drown your troubles in wine.”
– Oratio

Wine and quotes: an ancient story

Between history and art, wine has undoubtedly inspired a great deal of quotes, since ancient times. After all, the oldest wine in the world, found in Sicily some time ago, dates back to no less than 6000 years ago: and at that time certainly there were no definitions or disputes, the one produced was certainly all good natural wine! 😉

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