In a previous article we wrote about the 5 essential accessories in the cellar of every wine lover; today we leave the conservation topic to enter the tasting topic, discovering which is the best wine carafe.

What is the decanter and why is it important

Like the glass, which must change according to the type of wine you want to taste, the container in which the wine is served and aired is also important: the taste and aroma are affected, and in some cases, it is a real gamechanger to enjoy wine at its best.
To make the wine perfect and sharpen the senses at the time of tasting, the carafe – called decanter – has a peculiar shape: it is not a normal bottle or jug ​, but a container whose curves help the wine to oxygenate properly and eliminate any sediments and impurities, especially present in older bottles. In addition, the oxygenation process frees the flavours and aromas, improving the tasting experience.

One decanter, many shapes

Thanks to its unmistakable shape, the decanter allows the wine to rest and, after a few minutes, to be ready to be tasted. However, experts will know that when we talk about shape, we cannot limit ourselves to just one: there are different types of decanters, each with its own characteristics.

The most common is undoubtedly the decanter that we have all seen at least once: a jug with a very elongated chalice neck and an oval, rounded body. This type is the most used: it combines simplicity and effectiveness because thanks to its curves it allows both oxygenation and sediment separation.

Another type of wine jug is the two-necks one: the first glass neck is the one from which the wine gets into the body, to then be poured into the glass through a second thin neck at the other end. This decanter is a favourite of wine lovers because it combines design and efficiency: it is a fascinating object to put on the table, and the two openings also allow effective oxygenation of the wine.

When it comes to decanters, creativity has no limits, and in fact, there is one that follows the concept of the two-necked carafe seen above, but using one as a breather: a refined and original object, which ensures the glass of wine has all the cards in order to be perfect for tasting.

Another type of decanter that makes its appearance among the accessories of wine lovers is the one featuring an inclined shape: the neck, in this case, is placed in a transverse position with respect to the rounded body, so as to keep the residues of the bottom of the wine separated from the rest of the liquid when pouring it.

Finally, for minimalists, it is possible to buy a jug with a funnel neck to keep the shapes as simple as possible while ventilating adequately.

What is the best wine carafe?

So what’s the best wine carafe? As often happens in these situations, the answer can depend on the type of wine and one’s aesthetic taste. And since Christmas is approaching, why not think about a personalized decanter?

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