That drinking natural wine is good for health and the environment is nothing new: thanks to the differences compared to other wines on the market, it is the most ethical and ecological choice. However, good habits begin in the vineyard and environmentally-friendly cultivation is the basis for the creation of natural wines. But what are the advantages of consuming organic or biodynamic grapes? Does the taste or properties change? Let’s find out together.

What is the difference between normal and organic grapes?

Grapes are good for you, but how much depends also on the production methods. So let’s start from the beginning: how do the grapes produced with different processes differ? It may seem an absurd answer, but the secret lays all in the philosophy: grapes or other products produced with commercial methods put first the look of the food, its size and speed of growth, while nutritional values, genuineness and taste take a back seat. It is no coincidence that mass-produced foods pass through productions in which the use of chemical substances, even potentially harmful to those who consume them, is a norm: first of all, fertilizers and pesticides that are highly toxic for the soil and the health of consumers.
We can therefore say that the first difference between one type of grape and another is certainly in the philosophy of cultivation, however, the differences do not stop there. If from the outside the grapes and the products grown through the different rules may seem almost the same, to the taste they are two opposite worlds. This is mainly due to the often smaller size of the fruits obtained from organic cultivation, which would therefore make them more concentrated in flavour.

Are organic grapes better for our health?

But what happens when it comes to benefits? In addition to the better taste, do organically grown products also offer greater benefits? The answer is yes for two main reasons. The first is the absence or lesser amount of chemical components – including those harmful to health – and the consequent lack of consumption. The second is always due to this motivation, but it concerns the fruit itself: without the use of pesticides, the plant must produce by itself some substances beneficial to human health. One above all: do you remember resveratrol and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties?

Wine made from organic grapes has more benefits

As a consequence, wines produced with grapes grown organically are much better for health than those that we normally find on supermarket shelves. Seeing is believing: discover now all the taste of organic wines in the exclusive Natural Vine catalogue!

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