An excellent idea to ensure that open wine does not lose its organoleptic characteristics? A balloon wine saver! The Wine Balloon, or as it is known today “the Air Cork”, is a product presented during the famous American TV show Shark Tank that immediately conquered wine lovers from all over the world. Let’s find out something more.

A gadget that helps to taste good wine for longer

Imagine having just opened that bottle of natural wine bought with much love some time ago: you kept it for a special occasion and you finally decided to taste it. However, some remains. Then you try to close it again, with its own cork or with one of those special caps that create the vacuum inside the bottle, hoping that all the characteristics remain identical to when you opened it.
From today, however, there is another solution, which will make wine lovers from all over the world happy and also lends itself very well as a gift for those who enjoy sipping a glass: it is called the Air Cork and it is a gadget that has amazed US spectators. Presented during an episode of the Shark Tank, an American reality show in which entrepreneurs participate to present innovative ideas and find investors, the then “Wine Balloon” was an immediate success.
Its functioning is very simple, for a truly ingenious idea: the Air Cork is a kind of air pump with a balloon attached; you simply have to lower the balloon attached to the air tube inside the bottle, stopping it a few centimetres above the level of the remaining wine, and then inflate it. The balloon will block the air, preserving the wine and all its qualities.

An excellent gift idea for wine lovers

Do you know that friend for whom it is difficult to choose a gift for? We have an idea to make him happy: combine a wine balloon (easy to find for sale online on the official website or on Amazon) with one of our natural wine mixed cases to make him incredibly happy!

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