Like many other products, natural wines have as well their own producers’ associations to protect and develop the production and the name of such excellent goods.

Today we will talk about the trade associations linked to the natural wines produced in Italy and France, the two countries we touch with our exclusive selection.

Both these countries are trying to set regulations about what natural wine is and how it is produced, and the associations are born with the purpose of helping the producers, that often are independent and unorganized, giving them a voice and fighting their battle. Also, since many natural wines producers are even outside the leading certifications, so they can’t call themselves organic or biodynamic, the group represented by these kind of trade associations is pretty heterogeneous .

Natural wines associations in Italy

In Italy, the main organizations grouping natural wines producers are two, one born from the other: their names are “ViniVeri” (translation: “True Wines”) and “Vinnatur”.

ViniVeri is the oldest association of natural wines’ producers in Italy: officially founded in 2003 by four manufacturers, it was active already in the past, at least from 1994. Today ViniVeri counts 75 members.

The other Italian association, VinNatur, branched out from ViniVeri in 2006: it was formed by the initiative of Antonino Maule, manufacturer who wanted a new, more strict reality in the panorama of natural wines production. VinNatur, in fact, carries out research on its members and the rules are pretty scrupulous: if a wine is found positive for pesticides and herbicides, even in a little part, the producer is straight out of the association. Today VinNatur counts around 170 natural wine manufacturers and the number is always growing.

Natural wines associations in France

France is the other European country actively in the middle of the natural wines revolution. Here, the associations that group wines’ producers are three: the most famous one is the “Association Des Vins Naturels“, then there are “Les Vins S.A.I.N.S” and “La Renaissance des Appellations“.

All these different associations wrote unofficial definitions or codes of practice regarding the subject: one of the matters of the natural wines querelle is the fact that the producers first can’t find a singular way to define what natural wine is and how it should be produced. However, today the main worry for every of these associations is the growth of an unhealthy interest in natural wines with the sole purpose of commercial profits: they have, today more than ever, to strictly keep up the good work without losing their paths so they can continue delivering the consumers this precious, unique and genuine product that natural wine is.

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